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How to Reimagine Opportunities

Are we halfway through January already?

I told someone yesterday that I was in the midst of a 2021 self-care initiation. With everything going on around us, I recommend you do the same any chance you get. You can't discount the times we're living through, and the better you care for yourself in mind, body, and spirit, the better everything flows.

My goal this year, in addition to sharing my thoughts more, is to help you reimagine all that's available to you. 2021 is still an open canvas, but to fill it with all your wants and desires, you're going to have to let go of what's come before.

To understand the enormous opportunities, you'll need to create the space for that to happen. The thing is, you need to let go of all the old stuff that you're holding and allow that space to be filled with something new.

I help women push through blocks that are keeping them stuck, but that explanation misses so much. The truth is, I'm on a mission to help women reimagine everything they thought possible for themselves. The concepts work in unison because to create a new vision for yourself; you're going to have to let that old stuff go.

Being halfway through the month is part of the point. It doesn't matter when you start, only that you do.

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