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It's releasing those recurring themes and opening up space to create the life, the love, the joy and all that's available to you.

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If you’re ready to step away from the feeling of expectations and feel secure with who you are, and how you want to live your life, you need to clear out your old stories of why you do what you do.

It's time to start figuring out what aligns with who you are and not who your parents or husband or who anyone else thought you should be.

It's releasing those recurring themes and opening up space to create the life, the love, the joy and all that's available to you.

Your confidence skyrockets allowing you to do the things, build the business and be the person you know you are


New doors open personally and professionally; new friends, connections, and business opportunities appear

Old relationships can be healed

When you clear the blocks, and allow yourself to write a new story, your world opens.

Everything shifts for you and around you.

How you feel about yourself and how you hold yourself

How you'll look at every aspect of your life and what brought you to this space turns in your favor

Releasing the baggage helps you feel lighter and younger

What you hold onto holds you! 

Mindset Coach

Debra.....Honestly I don't know what to say, other than "You Spoke To Me".....that simple...and full....💜💚❤ Damn girl, you simply spoke of what I've been missing (or stepped away from) .... I cannot tell you how grateful and blessed I feel!!!! (I've probably listened to the replay 5 times!!!! That soul hitting!!) 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

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Four weeks to let go of your old stories and limitations and create a new story for the rest of your life.

Daily prompts and weekly group calls showing you how you can go from your old dis-empowering beliefs to a new set of exciting empowering beliefs.

Live workshops for group discussion and connection

I know this works because I used to be that person consumed by anger.

I didn't think anyone would understand and so I kept it all inside allowing the emotions to rule my days, weeks and even years. Realizing that letting it go doesn't make it right, it just releases the heaviness, changed my world. The shift in how I see everything has been so dramatic that I can't wait to share it with you.

This experience will be intense, so I'm only accepting a limited number of people.

And because I know, that this is ongoing progress - while you'll make massive progress in our 4 weeks together - you’ll also get lifetime access to the course.

Release & Rise

Reframe and neutralize the memories that trigger you

Let go of anger, shame, guilt, and fear

Release the old beliefs that you're not enough

Re-write your story and create your future

Raise your energy, raise your vibrations

Step away from the expectations and get clear on what's right for you now

Design a path in alignment with your values

Honor yourself through self-care, mentally, physically and spiritually

Step into the life you've longing to live

Small intimate group setting

Weekly calls and group support

Live workshops 

Lifetime access

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