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How to Release the Anger

I chose a random Spotify station, went out for a walk, and thoroughly enjoyed some oldies I hadn't heard in a while. Every song reminded me of something, and for some reason, it felt oddly freeing. The music made me think back to my angry 20's, or maybe it was my 30's when I was so determined to be successful.

I needed to prove to myself and the world that I could overcome anything that stood in my way. I let all that pent up anger from my childhood drive me, and it worked for a while, but the same old shit will only take you so far. No matter how you define success, somewhere along the line, you need to let that old stuff go.

Something about the renewal of fall that makes you reflect on where you've been. Seeing your growth from where you've come from rather than where you're going is the game-changer. You've already experienced so much!

Maybe it was the wind, or the walk or the music that was playing when I decided there's no more playing small. It was time to go back and release it all. When memories no longer trigger you, and anger can't blindside you, you're in control of YOU!

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