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How to be True to Yourself

Every now and then, I see a glimmer of my old life. An event that triggers a memory and reminds me of the effects of losing my voice can be felt well into the future.

Each time, I didn't say what I meant or didn't stand up for myself but instead held it in to make life easier, I lost a little bit of me. I didn't know that when I was swallowing my words, that I was slowly fading away.

When you don't say what you're thinking and don't make waves, there's no controversy, but there are consequences.

When you swallow your words, they don't go away, but they manifest in other areas.

They show up in your body as aches and pains.

They show up in raw emotions; anger, resentment, and self-doubt.

They show up and damage your relationships. It's living a lie and disrupts everything you thought you knew about connecting with others.

But, when you're true to yourself and secure with who you are, it changes everything for the better. It's never too late.

I help women reclaim who they've always been and stand in the power of who they are. I help them let go of all the things they're holding inside so they can repair relationships, feel good in their bodies, and illuminate their path forward.

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