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Why moments matter

Last week, my family met in Arizona to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

My oldest daughter, Lilly, lives in LA and my youngest, Lana, lives in Denver. We all flew in on Friday to attend a charity event my sister had invited us too.

The event was dressy. A jacket for my husband and dresses for the girls.

We were all sharing one hotel room and as my daughters were unpacking, they accidentally, without planning, brought similar outfits. They both brought tight black dresses with floral kimono’s to go on top. They were almost exact.

Of course, I thought it was wildly funny, and since they no longer live near each other, I thought they would find it entertaining as well. Hmmm

I guess it was only funny for a moment until my older daughter told the younger one she can’t wear hers. Of course, she did not bring an alternative for the two days, but her sister would not let up, and it turned into a fight.

It’s been almost eight years since Lilly left for college, and they’ve since become best friends. Except, of course, for the occasional squabble.

As they argued in the hotel room and tried to figure out what Lana was going to wear, it took me back to the old days. The days when little disagreements where a regular occurrence.

It was music to my ears that we were all together and the girls were arguing, and yes, Lilly was going to win.

That was the moment, I felt this overwhelming gratitude for our lives. That we were there, in a hotel room, gathered from all over and the biggest issue at the moment was who was going to wear the dress.

Maybe, it was the sound of their voices, together, as I had heard them a thousand times before. When I think of all the things going on in the world and how insignificant this was, I felt so lucky to be there, at that moment with my family.

It’s in the moments that memories occur, and the clearer you are on what’s important to you, the lighter it feels, and the easier it is to see them.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with the heaviness of life, you miss out on the little things.

Life is made up of the moments you take the time to breathe in and see all the things happening around you. It’s harder to do when you’re your angry or feeling resentment. These moments happen every day, not just when you’re away.

Breaking through and releasing the blocks, clears your vision to see what’s already there and what’s waiting for you on the other side. Releasing the things holding you, and keeping you stuck, fine tunes your focus and alignment.

Join me for Release & Rise – 10 days to step into the alignment of who you are and what you stand for.

Be apart of all the good things happening around you, and for you!

It’s time to Release & Rise. 

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