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What if you just sent them off confident?

What if you just sent them off confident?

What if every morning you told them looked great, no matter what you thought of their outfit?

What if you told them you were proud of them even when they forget their lunch or notebook or any of the 1000 things that could happen that day?

What if you helped them out and made it easier so they could focus on the things that matter?

What if you allowed them to blow off steam when they got home or got in the car, and you just listened? Even if you didn’t agree, what if you listened anyway?

What if because you listened without words or judgment,  and the lines of communication started to open?

What if you waited to share your thoughts until they felt you heard theirs?

What if that didn’t happen on the same day?

What if you let them figure out what was best for them even if you didn’t agree or thought they were making a mistake?

What if you gave them the power to decide?

What if you told them you’ve got their back either way?

What if they got a bad grade and you showered them with love anyway?

What if you think back to high school and all the things that were unclear, uncertain, and unfair?

What if you found out that school is more stressful today than you remembered?

Were there social media or social networks when you went to school? Or just the simple things like fitting in, making the team, passing the test, having a crush, and hormones?

What if their hopes and dreams didn’t match yours?

What if you allowed them to become the person they are anyway?

What if you knew when they’re at their worst, they need you the most?

What if you found out this time will go faster than you can ever imagine?

What if you knew that how you support them now determines the directions they take for a lifetime?

What if you understood you only get them in your car for a short time, and there, they can talk without having to look at you.

What if it were easier to tell a story there?

What if they needed someone on their side, and what if they secretly hoped it was you?

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