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Finding Your Passion Work

I hadn’t worked in corporate sales for many years and had recently gone back to help out with an exciting project that brought with it some unexpected twists.

I’ve always called it my husband’s business because for many years I had stayed home and raised our daughters. As it turns out, through those years and all the changes we experienced, I went a different direction and started coaching women. With my heart entirely in it, I called it my passion work.

About two years ago, we decided to expand his business and added office coffee services to the list of office products he sold. Oasis Coffee Services, is now a new division of our company, Environmental Innovations making it EI-Oasis.

I assumed I would continue my coaching. As it turns out, it intrigued me, and I wanted to to be a part of building this exciting new venture. It had been years since I immersed myself in any corporate culture, and I wasn’t sure how to make it work.

At first, it was so uncomfortable that I immediately regretted my decision.I have always been an early riser, and I get up way before the sun. Staying home to write a blog and getting out to the door to share coffee with businesses first thing in the morning was a totally different thing. I was exhausted.

We had purchased the assets of Oasis Coffee Services, who was our coffee vendor for almost 20 years, and we loved the coffee. The previous owner was also a lifelong friend, so I loved the whole idea.

In some ways, it stood as a personal challenge to myself.

I set an intention to just be me and share with people honestly who I am and why I love the products. I joined some networking groups to meet new people and involve myself back into this world.

In my old days, I used to love learning about businesses and what they did. Again, I found I had a natural interest in the people and their missions.As it turned out, engaging with new people face to face opened me up to new ideas and opportunities and even more networking groups.

Then, as it usually happens, at the very same time, the universe provided me with some super aligned clients that I LOVE working with! I was so thankful because as I told them, this hands down was my passion work!

Now, this is embarrassing… but is it possible that they’re both my passion businesses? That doing both lines of work allows me to use different skills that make me feel whole and useful, or was there more to it?

Was there a correlation between the mindset work I had been doing, and my ability to jump back into what may have been a scary transition into an unfamiliar world?

There seemed to be synchronicity in it that I hadn’t seen earlier. The universe sharing with me that we are all multi-passionate individuals capable of whatever we set our minds too. Yesterday, I was asked if I had given up coaching, and today I realize that I just stepped way more into it.

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