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This is me now

After being attacked by someone close to me regarding my Facebook posts this morning, I realized there might be a miscommunication in what I actually do.

For lack of a better definition, I am a life coach. I coach people in various stages of life that help them go from where they are to where they want to be.

I assist them in feeling secure with whom they are on the inside, rather than the person they feel they need be to live up to other’s expectations. Among other things, I also help them to get clear on what they want, while also supporting them to move forward in various areas and stages of their lives.

I have worked with both off and online clients ranging from ages 20 to 70. I work best with people who resonate with me, rather than a particular age group.

Since my mid-40s, I have completely reinvented myself and attained a new career in a field that fascinates me and also gives me the joy of serving others.

Along with the thousands of other women in my field, I have spent a significant amount of money in my education.

I have worked hard to be real and authentic. The great thing about becoming real is that happiness is often a by-product.

My work has helped me to move past so many of my own circumstances. I have virtually eliminated the intense anger that used to drive my days; a realization few in my immediate family have attained.

Every day, I see people so filled with anger and feeling stuck without an understanding of how to let it go and just move forward. They are trying so hard to fit into what they think they are supposed to be, rather than just being who they are.

I started this journey because I was so unhappy with my life that I was willing to make a massive change and walk away from what I know longer wanted.

I have achieved what so many others are hoping to gain as well. I changed my life in every area possible and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. No fakeness, no fitting in, no obsessive worrying about whether or not I say or do the right thing and no trying to make it work; just me, real and authentic.

So yes, I post ideas of lightness, joy, and happiness because I hope to serve those who are searching for what makes them happy. I also fully support other people who, like me, have spent massive amounts of money, time, and effort to move forward down a new path that empowers them to live their lives to the fullest on their terms.

Don’t believe in me? Don’t want to see my posts? Don’t follow me.

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