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Mindset is the miracle

A setback can act as a power source reminding you not to let anything hold you down.

Sometimes you need to take a step back to understand what another person is thinking. More often than not, it’s a lack of understanding, not an intentional act to hurt you, even if that’s not how it feels.

Like you, it has been an uphill climb to move forward to a place of internal security and happiness.

I was feeling a bit held back, and somewhat shocked when I became the focus of a family scuffle.

I have heard that when you massively shift your mindset, those closest to you have the hardest time adjusting. My husband and daughters, however, have given me complete and total support.

I discovered that this is a regular pattern for me. When I am feeling knocked down, it often takes me a few days to think about it and re-adjust.

Although, the other part of the pattern is that once I have figured it out, the situation strengthens and directs me to a place of greater clarity and security.

The more work you do to focus your mindset, the shorter the period of readjustment from shock to strength becomes.

Mindset is the miracle cure.

Directing your thoughts to the highest possible good and getting clear on your most desired outcome is the key to creating your life on purpose.

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