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Life is Precious, Celebrate often

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Among all the other things in my life, today I am celebrating my health.

Without health, there is no life! I am in excellent health, and if I weren’t, by the way, I would tell myself that I am. All to create the vision in my mind first.

Yesterday, I had a check-up with my neurologist to refill a migraine prescription.

I know the score on migraines. I know what I need to do and what the consequences are if I don’t. The effects of any type of sickness are the loss of some part of your life. Something is always missed when you are not at your best.

I’m actually a lot younger now than I was then. This is true!

I used to have migraines for more than 2 weeks of every month. Two weeks of lying down, eyes closed, and feeling nauseous from the pain. Two weeks where I wasn’t a very good mom to my 2 little girls, and almost 2 weeks away from work because what would I have done there?

Eventually, we found the right preventative medication that reduced the headaches, but it came with side effects.

In the first 30 days, my fingers and toes went numb, and even scarier, was that a short period of time I completely lost my sense of taste.

The thing is, if you want something badly enough, you do what it takes to get there.

Life reinforces that health is everything! Without your health, you're not a part of it!

Somewhere along the line, I realized I wasn’t getting headaches like I used to and was able to reduce the daily medicine.

I carefully watch anything I put in my body. I know firsthand what it’s like not to be a part of things. I know you have experienced this in your own way, whether by you or a loved one.

The old adage that the older you get, the more your health declines, is untrue. It’s a misconception; a lie. I feel younger than I have in years.

Years back, I was complaining to this same doctor about brain fog and that I didn’t feel as clear as I had been. I was also stressed, somewhat depressed and overwhelmed in my life. I was old.

Until I took control.

I went back to class and learned new things and new ideas. I opened my mind, read new books, gained a new career, attended events and met new people. At first, I was nervous and embarrassed and way out of the comfort zone of my suburban life.

Yesterday, the doctor asked me how the brain fog was, and I laughed. It's been years since I've even thought about it. I am clear, engaged and excited about what’s ahead.

Age is irrelevant, health is everything!

There are so many ways to attain the feeling, the high energy, the excitement and the health you desire. The answer is not in a pill, it’s through action. What you eat, how you move, sleep, think, how you engage in life along with how you appreciate where you are right now.

How old do you feel? What are you celebrating today?

What's holding you back from the energy and life you desire?

The people in your life today are a gift. Nothing is permanent! Nothing is promised. The thing is if you want to appreciate and experience it all, you must have your health!

Getting in the right frame of mind and designing your plan of action is the first step. It starts with creating the vision and changing your thoughts from the core.

What areas can you improve? Simple shifts make a big difference. It's your time to feel younger, better, and more aligned.

You’re not too old, and it’s never too late.

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