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How to Find Your Greatness

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

You are Whole! You are Powerful! You are Enough!

It’s funny that as much as I'm telling you this, I’m saying it to myself.

I have been a little off kilter the last few months trying to figure it all out. It’s hard to think those words knowing I have spent the better part of ten years soul-searching to get here.

The thing is, now that I'm here, I’m feeling unsettled again.

In a way, it's like starting over, but now I’m starting from a different awareness.

Long before this journey started, when I felt unsettled or triggered, in what sometimes comes out as anxiety or loneliness, I'd find a way to mask it in whatever way I could.

Short of illegal drugs, I'm pretty sure I'd tried every way possible to mask feelings.

Overly scheduled and people pleasing, excessive workouts or dieting, alcohol, shopping, venting, overeating, anything that would mask the pain I didn't want to feel.

When the fear, (or anger, shame, guilt, self-doubt, or anxiety) would finally subside, before I knew it, it’d be back again.

Now, when I'm triggered, I let it be, I feel it. I may feel down or momentarily off, but I stay in the room so to speak.

You have to remind your brain that the pain is there for you, and while you could mask it, it'll just slow you down. So you may as well figure it out, and allow it to push you to the flow of what's next.

Honestly, now, I'm more curious. You get that initial twinge, then you remember, oh yeah, what’s this?

It's pushing you out of your comfort zone to something better.

It's telling you that you need to let go of something to make room for something else.

Whether it be a memory from your childhood or something that happened this morning, releasing the emotions around the incident and seeing it in a new light will move you forward.

Letting go doesn't make it right; it just releases the emotions from your body.

You have greatness inside of you! Releasing the fear helps you experience it.

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