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How to Find It in the Journaling

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Talking to my hairdresser, she mentioned that she started journaling to help her get through some feeling due to becoming a new foster parent.

I understood this because journaling has changed my life!

It’s not just the immediate release you get from what you get out, but it helps you see things and figure out what you didn’t know you needed to know.

The more you write, the writing starts to come from a deeper place, and you find that you need to continue to write to get stuff out and get it sorted.

There’s more to it though.

Writing becomes a means for you to grow in ways you wouldn’t have without it. It digs past the surface level of things to get to the underlying core of what drives you, and once you’re there, the growth starts in ways you may not have anticipated.

I used to feel the same way about working out. I thought it was all I needed to clear my head and figure out what I needed to do. Exercise kept my energy high, and it had the added bonus of clarity, too.

The writing, however, takes you to places you've long since forgotten. The memories are still there. The question is how you feel about remembering them.

The thing about growth is that everything we think about who we are comes from an experience of an earlier age.

You find that nothing was coincidental and that your past shapes how you view your world today.

So, when you delve into the core of what’s brought you here, things that have coincidently happened along the way, start making sense and more importantly start adding value.

It's never a one a done, but an opening that helps align you with your purpose and transforms who you believe you are.

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