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How to Feel Whole

You have no idea what’s going on inside someone else’s life. Most people are living in a façade. They act in one way when they’re feeling another or cover up feelings by acting inauthentically to who they are.

For most of the world, this is normal, but for many, it’s a painful existence of figuring out how to get through the day. How to look normal, look the part, fit in or opt to become invisible.

It’s halfway between reaching out and reaching in. Wanting to be seen but choosing to hide because it’s comfortable.

The thing is, even if you could see through the exteriors it may be hard to reach them on their level. It’s hard for someone else to understand what you’re feeling or the way you see the world or that maybe you’re having a difficult time with things they couldn’t possibly understand.

Money, wealth, luxuries never matter when there is something off inside.

When something is triggering you, and the safest place to get away is within. It only matters that you find relief from your pain.

Depression feels very alone. You create a new world in your mind to get away, and as you delve into this perceived safety, it’s hard for others to find you there. It’s hard to receive help and easy to misinterpret others. It’s a fine line on either side.

I don’t have the answers, but I do know a couple of things.

It's possible to push through dark feelings, and possible to live a life as you imagined.

Depression or feeling like you’re in a funk, is real and it’s dark and lonely, but you’re not alone.

As long as you can hold onto the hope of stepping into the person you feel you want to be, and keep holding on to that vision!

It took me many years, to move out of a funk to a place of security. To a place where I felt whole and accepted and entirely me. My experiences may differ from yours, but many of the emotions are the same.

I felt anger, shame, guilt, and fear. Fear of uncertainty, and fear of what's next and how do I get there.

You hold on to the vision that you'll return to the person you were until you realize you need to figure out who you are now. It's time to rebuild and decide what matters, what feels right, and how your future looks.

You learn that you are not the things you encounter. You are so much more! Your future lies in your strength to believe there's more and the idea that you have the power to push through.

You are not what you perceive others think of you!

You are whole and valued!

You are deserving of love and a life that lights you up, and it's not only possible, but it's within your reach.

Take that first step and reach out. Whether it's searching online, or finding a friend to talk to.

There's always a way!

Reach out to someone who understands, someone who's been there, someone who's come through.

Believe it's possible.

Write out your thoughts!

Clear the thoughts out of your head and put them on paper or your computer.

Read them back and start seeing what’s troubling you from a new point of view.

Afterward, if you're uncomfortable, you can burn or delete them, but get started.

Write everything and write often.

Only you understand what you need and how you're feeling.

If this is speaking to you on some level and you want to talk, reach out and PM me now.

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