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Finding what works for you

I was out of sorts last week because I started a cleanse where I had to cut out caffeine. This wasn’t for me.

I love my coffee, and going to bed at night knowing how good it will be in the morning. I love the feeling of being alert and awake and having the energy to jump start my day. So, why I decided to try a cleanse that included cutting out coffee is beyond me.

I didn’t make it. Well, I made 3.5 days, but I was groggy and listless. I couldn’t focus, get out a post or work out. Sounds pretty dramatic for 3.5 days, I know.

The thing is, I already eat healthy enough or at least enough to be irritating to my kids.

Last year I was visiting relatives of a different religion and culture across the country. I made a vow to myself to politely eat what they served.

I told this to my daughter, and she said, “that was your vow? Couldn’t you make a better vow? Like money to a charity or helping the homeless? It had to be about politely eating what was served?” She said I have a problem. I laughed.

I have willingly cut a lot of things out of my life to make it easier, healthier or just to enhance it. That includes a lot more than just food, but the second you talk about what kind of food you do or don’t eat, people get offended or put off.

Cutting foods out isn’t always about vanity either. I cut out sugar over ten years ago because it was a huge distraction in my life. One bite and I would need to find and eat it nonstop all day. Honestly, I couldn’t even think of anything else. I hated the cravings.

So, I went cold turkey on the sugar. It took about three months to get over it. Unfortunately, I have felt the pain of falling off the sugar wagon many times since.

I quit dairy when I found out it would help my migraines, and I have not eaten red meat since high school. There are a few other items not on the list, but I’ll save you from my woes.

I am no saint either. I have my vices. Protein bars, diet soda, and an occasional cocktail among friends, but I’m secure enough to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Nothing seemed as hard as caffeine. The thing is in this phase of my life; I am pretty much going to make things work for me. So I am holding to some of the ideas behind the cleanse and not to others.

Knowing that you can only lift people to the same height, you feel about yourself; I’m no longer willing to put absolutes in my life. I’m just going to keep trying to figure out the best ways to feel great, maintain a high vibe and enjoy the people in it.

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