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Everything is temporary. Everything is perfect.

I’ve been coming to this lake my whole life, and when I’m here, I have this feeling that the lake just knows.

As a water skier, I have a deep respect for the water. I told my husband I was writing about the lake again and how I felt it held all my secrets. He said, “they’re not secrets, they’re memories.” I said, the memories choke me up; I can better deal with secrets.

He is right though; the memories are forever burned in my mind and the emotions that came with them.

Sitting on the deck of the resort, and I think it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Back in the days at the lake; I had this ritual I would do before boating.

I would start my morning workout on an elliptical, and then as I got into the rhythm of the music, I would visualize the waves coming at me while I was skiing.

The lake is small, and with a lot of boat traffic, the water is often rough and wavy.

As I would visualize the waves coming toward me, and then, I’d gain strength by saying to myself, “Bring it on.”

I would imagine what I needed to do to conquer the waves. Keeping my knees flexible, I’d visualize the flow of the water.

It gave me the courage to jump in, and it elevated me to a new state.

There are memories here that I treasure, and some that make me shudder.

Precious times with my daughters growing up and time spent with extended family and friends that would often join us.

Other times, vivid pictures of anger, misunderstandings, shame, and guilt cloud my mind.

I realize now, the same exercise I used to overcome the waves was the same one I would use to make it through the day. I visualized a better time.

There were times we laughed and times we didn’t.

I think it was the short bursts of time together that elevated our emotions, or maybe it was just the alcohol.

There are spectacular beauty and spirits around me, and I know I’ll be back.

The waves are calling me to let go, reminding me it’s all temporary and as it should be, and telling me to welcome the moment.

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