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2017 AZ trip with mom

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Next week I am taking my mom on a short trip to Arizona to visit both her sister (my aunt) and her daughter, (my sister).

Honestly, I'm nervous for this trip because it will be a lot of work for me. While my mom’s nature is warm, she has some health issues. She has hydrocephalus, a disease that has limited many of her abilities.

She needs help to do most daily activities, and at 84, her energy is not what it once was.

My aunt recently moved to Arizona at 88 to be with her family. Due to many conditions, it has been many years since my mom and aunt have spent time with one another, so my aunt requested I plan this trip out.

My aunt, born on leap year, turns 89 sometime today or tomorrow? The timing seemed perfect, so I knew I had to make this happen. My mom has not traveled in 15 years, and this will most likely be the last time she will see her only sister.

Trying to figure out the luggage, the meds, the travel, etc. added a great deal of stress to my day because these are all things I usually do not think about. I feel a surge of emotions from overwhelming to gratitude for the opportunity.

My sister has never got along with my mom or my mom’s family, which is just another battle to overcome while I’m there. My mom will try to see her and make the best, but I hope she will not be disappointed. I will continue to work to help my sister understand that this is a fleeting moment in time.

Last night, my husband helped me to see how precious this time will be; a reminder that it was never about me. 

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