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You Are Enough

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Even if you feel as though you’ve lost a part of yourself, or that you’re feeling stuck, you’re enough right now, as is.

It’s frustrating because you know there’s so much more and you always knew you were meant for more.

Then, life happened, and stuff got in the way. Essential things, life-shifting moments and hard times, happy times, love, pain, desire, it’s all there, but it’s a lot to hold onto.

The feeling of stuck is telling you that your energy needs to shift. It’s time to create space in your life to allow for new thoughts, ideas, opportunities, and even people, to come in.

Life shouldn't feel stagnate, but rather a continuous flow.

It’s always a series of losing yourself and re-emerging into your next step. Every day is a fresh start to step into the life you’ve imagined you’d be living.

The universe wants to give you everything, but in return, you'll need to trust, loosen your grip, and let go.

You hold the power.

You create the relationships, the opportunities, and the life that light you up. It all starts with you.

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