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Why Growth = Discomfort

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

I was forced to take my own advice this week. It wasn’t easy. Getting over emotional times that feel turbulent never are.

The thing is, if you do the work, if you deep dive straight into it, if you resist masking it, and feel the pain, the anger or whatever turmoil is racing through your veins, you’ll overcome it.

You’ll grow from it.

The relief is in the self-reminder because your mind makes you forget that when turbulence happens, the power is in how you react to it.

You have to sit with the feelings no matter how hard they are and rather than saying why does this always happen to me, ask what is this teaching me and what do I need to learn.

I get it when your hurt the last thing you want to do is learn anything, right? I mean honestly, sometimes I feel like, enough with the learning already, but learning is strength and growth and redirection. It builds you up to face the truth.

While sitting in the emotion may feel numbing, or even humbling, it'll get you on your way.

Masking prolongs the pain and weakens your resolve. While facing the situation head-on through journaling clears your mind putting you in control.

Write it out. All of it. Every thought and emotion. How did this make you feel and why? Don't hold back now. Let it go and see where the writing takes you.

Once you start, you'll feel a release letting new thoughts and energy flow in.

It's never a one and done, but rather a beginning, or an opening reminding you that life isn't happening to you, it's happening for you. 💞

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