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When the floodgates open

When the floodgates open.

I had the opportunity to celebrate with a past client, now friend, after the completion of her divorce.

I saw first-hand what she had gone through to get here, so the celebration seemed fitting.

We met at an event a few years back, and she said she had thought about calling for months.

When we finally got together, she was able to share with someone the story she held inside for many years, and the floodgates opened.

She couldn’t pinpoint it, but something was off. After 28 years of marriage, raising kids and a busy career, she wondered if dreaming of something more was out of the question?

She believed that a man was the head of the family, and no matter what level of success you attained, that remained her truth. Somewhere along the way, her beliefs and her lifestyle began to clash, and that’s where her story starts.

The more successful she became, the harder it was to play the part. With kids and her busy lifestyle, there was no time to think about the things she needed.

As her kids entered high school and college, and she had more time to think, she became increasingly bothered by the thoughts of some of her decisions.

The memories of ‘going along’ with her family even when it felt slightly off, or times, she justified the situation and went against her gut to make it easier, or downplayed her desires not to make waves. All the things she swore would never happen to her, did.

Wondering if she’d ever feel like herself again, or who that even was or if she’d look forward to something again?

She was holding so much inside, because where do you start and who would understand? It was uncomfortable because ‘you shouldn’t talk about these things,’ and she didn’t want to ‘lessen her family’ by discussing it, yet keeping it inside didn’t feel right either.

She wasn’t happy, or even unhappy, just numb and alone, and unsure of what to do and who to talk too. Disappointed and angry for not being true to herself, and yet, to the outside world, it looked like she had it all. The family, the career, and the lifestyle.

It was a big story, and a big secret to hold, and every part of it stuck opposite from my own beliefs.

The thing is, it wasn’t for me to judge!

It was my job to hold space for her to feel secure to share her story.

My job to see her, and empower her to see her truth, and to help her to release what she’d been holding onto and show her ways to sort it out by herself.

You have to face it to release it, but it was beyond time. Time to get unstuck, and realign her beliefs with her vision for the future.

The thing is it’s never too late to rewrite your story and change the ending. If you’re holding onto to old stories, expectations, or circumstances, it’s time to let go and open space for what lights you up and gets you excited for the future!

Shifts start, and then the momentum builds, and things begin to open up, and life feels good again. Then, it all comes together, your focus shifts and you feel like you!

You see clearly, and your vision has changed. Suddenly life is exciting and fulfilling to have made it through and made it back empowered from what you’ve been through and what you’ve learned along the way. Your energy shifts and the winds have changed, and you find there is so much more to look forward to!

You either mend the bridges or cross new ones. It’s invigorating and exciting! Your energy rises, and you feel younger than you have in years. I never thought it would feel this way, but it does. It’s a new high and new level to strive for, but you don’t need to do it alone.

Decide to start now, and embrace change. A year from now you can be on top of the world or exactly where you are right now.

Don’t waste another day trying to figure it out or feeling frustrated or embarrassed by your current state.

Message me for an exclusive half-day session to get you back to alignment, determination, and purpose.

I can’t wait to talk with you and help to design a path that best fits you now.

Time to shift from circumstances and uncertainty to clarity and drive around your family, business and health, let’s talk.

PM and we’ll get laser clear on your path specific to your situation and needs and design a plan to get you headed to where you want to go.

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