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What are You Available For?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Character, trust, and integrity matter in business, connections, and friendships. How you feel about yourself reflects who you allow into your space. Sometimes seeing someone for who they are, reminds you of who you are. Trust your intuition, and be willing to walk away from anything less.

There are some people that you inherently trust because you feel their energy is good. You don't need to be involved with them every day to know whether or not they're an energetic match for you.

This goes for coaches and paid groups as well! Over the years, I've spent a lot of money on coaches that I would hire again and again, and others that leave you empty and questioning your decision. As with everything in life, go with your gut.

If it's not for you walk away. If they hurt you, forgive them. Release the negative energy from your body. Stay focused on what you want rather than what they did.

Forgiveness is not always a one and done, but don't stop! Space will open, and the hurt will clear!

You are enough, and You decide what you're available for!

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