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The big short & Trusting your gut

“People want authority to teach them how to value things because it feels familiar, but it’s not familiar”. Michael Berry, The Big Short

On a flight to LA to visit my daughter, Lilly, and I just watched the movie The Big Short. Awesome movie if you haven’t seen it.

It’s all about the global banking and market fraud and collapse in 2008. There are some big stars in the cast. Unfortunately, millions of people really were hurt from the actions of those who “were in authority.”

So, how could the idea of immense fraud that hurt millions of people, be at all relevant to the core of being your strongest most powerful self? That seems like a stretch, but not really. It’s the same old idea when you’re looking for, or listening to, something outside of yourself to know what is really best for you.

When you go against your gut it never feels quite right. It doesn’t matter if it the big banks, government, your husband or the suggestion of your best friend. If it doesn’t feel right for you, stay away.

The only person who really knows what is right for you, is you. In the course of life and circumstances, it’s natural go through periods where you are not at your best, and you may seek out advice. Take the advice, but also mix it around with what works in your heart.

It’s always about trust. Trusting yourself that what you’re feeling is right! Your intuition and that voice inside your head, is your true compass. Even, or especially, when millions of others are following the crowd, go with your gut.

If you’re feeling as though your self-confidence have shifted due to circumstances or transitions, it is never too late to turn it around. You are way too important to not be an active part of your own life. It ‘s usually the simplest shifts that make the biggest changes.

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