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Stubborn, Bullheaded & Opinionated

Growing up, I was stubborn, bullheaded and opinionated. I flat out refused to consider alternatives to what I knew I wanted to do. I pretty much thought I knew it all. While this thinking may not have always made me the nicest person around, it did made me very confident and clear about what I wanted to accomplish in my life.

It also forced me to go for exactly what I wanted and flat out refuse, in many cases, to take no for an answer. It served me well in growing my career and finding the love I wanted in my life. I was clear on my dream and I went for it. I got that beautiful loving family and I had the thriving career of my dreams.

The more I wanted the more I took on. I believed, and often still do, that I could do it all. I could take care of my family, my career, be that great wife, take care of some extended family, the house, and the list goes on and on.

There were those things on my list that were non-negotiable, like understandably, the health and welfare of my children. As the list grew, so did my level of overwhelm, and with this, the more I started to accept the advice of others. I began to feel that they obviously must know better.

The more my life filled up, the more help and advice I sought and the cycle begins. Suddenly, everyone thinks they know what you should be doing, and what’s right and wrong. Then, for the first time you start to second-guess yourself. Are you doing the right thing?

It feels like there is so much riding on your decisions. It starts to make sense that you begin to rely on the suggestions and opinions of others more than the voice inside you. The old opinionated, stubborn, and bullheaded you that was clear on exactly what you wanted starts to fade, and new emotions like insecurity and doubt seep in. You start to wonder how did you get here and how do you get back?

It is so possible to turn it around. It’s possible to bring it back and to exude the confidence that you knew from a deep level you could. To live life and your dreams as they are today, and to feel the empowerment of being clear on exactly what you want even when the voices and advice around you don’t agree.

Going after your dreams with confidence requires that you understand from a deep level what you actually want. It’s hard when everywhere you turn, everyone seems to think they know exactly what you need.

But, if you want to live the life you know you were born for and feel the confidence of being clear on exactly what that is, the only one who can tell you that is you.

When you understand and start to rebuild the trust in yourself that the voice inside you is true, your confidence and clarity will grow. When you take the time to listen, your life will open up and your internal power of knowing exactly what you want will guide you. Your focus will narrow and you can feel your power returning.

You have always felt it was still there. It’s time to allow you to listen and feel empowered to take on life, and direct it from that old feeling of stubborn confidence. It really is just the simplest shifts that make the biggest changes.