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Empty Nesting & Your Kids

When your kids live across the country, you can be a holiday parent visiting at specific times each year, or you can choose to play a bigger role.

While I want that too, I prefer being a part of everyday life and experiencing the realness rather than the cleaned up holiday version.

So, I’m here to help her move to a new apartment. Half of me is thinking, honestly, what were you thinking? With plane tickets and hotel, it would have been cheaper to hire a moving company to take care of it.

Coming a day earlier than Donny, I helped her pack and get things ready. The real reason though was to spend this time with her. A day of preparing but also chatting and hearing about her life as we worked room to room throwing away and packing.

While it was still a lot of work, there was a realness about the day that I crave.

Getting to know her new kitten and seeing her joy in watching him play. Going through her things and seeing what she's outgrown, physically and mentally.

Seeing the relationship between her and Anthony first hand. Watching how they treat each other and how happy they are together. Hearing about her career and what's she's looking forward too, and yes, packing, loading and cleaning it all up.

Trust me, it doesn't come without some misunderstandings, but that’s all part of it.

After a long exhausting day, I got to see their excitement for their new place in real-time. Today, when we finish up, I'll get to see them starting their next phase. It's No LA beach vacation, but life is good!

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