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Releasing anger and feeling like a fraud

I feel like a Fraud!

Here’s the thing, I work with so many women who have situations and circumstances in their life, that let’s just face it, it makes them mad! And then the anger starts building.

I believe that anger can motivate you and push you to get things done, but for the most part, it holds you back. It raises your blood pressure and your heart races. It literally changes the physiology of your body.

When you start letting those little things and granted, I understand they are not all just little things, but let’s face it there’s a lot of little crap that can sidetrack your day.

Honestly, things that happened that you think I would never understand. Your upbringing, and what you’ve had to overcome, horrifying stuff in the news, there is a slew of things in your daily life that make it necessary for you to get over it. That anger sets in and sometimes it actually builds throughout the day!

It is taking up your time, your space, and your energy that you could be using on more positive, or more important things. If you’re like me, you know from a deep level that there is so much more for you yet you still find yourself getting sidetracked by all this anger!

I feel like a fraud because even though I know how simple it can be to move through it, I still can fall back into the trap. I feel that anger moving through my body until I remember I don’t do this anymore.

I was feeling like a fraud because sometimes these emotions still get in. The difference is now I know how to let it go. Once I realize it, I exchange it with powerful and positive thoughts that build me up instead of tearing me down. This is what I want for you.

Taking control of my own anger, guilt, and fear from past circumstances have changed my life in tremendous ways. It can help you take control and build your life around your dreams and not your circumstances. Some simple things you can start right now.


It is impossible to feel gratitude and anger at the same time. Once you realize you are in an angry state or feeling guilty or fearful, consciously start to think of the things in your life right now that you are grateful for. Your brain cannot process opposing emotions at the same time. What are you thankful for right now? Write a list and keep going until you feel the anger softening.

Change your physical state

Interrupt your current state of mind by changing your physical state. Movement helps release pent-up energy and allows your mind to flow to other thoughts. Take a walk, break a sweat, sweep the floor, or just do something different that takes you out of your current thought pattern.

Release the emotions through forgiveness

A forgiveness practice does not make the action right nor does it let the other guy off the hook. It acknowledges that it happened, and allows you to release the emotions and reclaim that space, time and energy. Forgiveness helps you to reclaim the power of decision and what emotions you will or will not allow in. It puts you in control of your emotions and thus helps you to build yourself in a more powerful manner.

Please join me for a free workshop to help you release the anger and start to experience a higher level of power and freedom. Private message me for details.