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Make the most of the holidays

Are you feeling the magic of the holidays? While you’ll want to believe you'll experience the magic alone, more often than not, you feel anxiety from unresolved conflicts in your life. The stress shows up from your family, relationships, and your childhood.

How do you enjoy your time with your family without the stress and anxiety? How do you stand in your power and not let unresolved feelings erupt? Whether or not these feelings are in your mind or in the living room, the anxiety is real and can instantly change the mood of the season.

It’s time to control what you’re feeling and enjoy the day. Here are some simple shifts that can help you ground yourself and your emotions:

1. Make a decision. Decide this season is about connecting with one another, and that it doesn’t matter if your family members think differently than you. You can have different political or religious viewpoints as long as you are open to listening the views of others. Decide that listening, free of judgment is the best gift you can give.

2. Visualize. Create a strong vision in your mind of how you want your day to go. Visualize that you enjoy everyone in your life as they are, right now. Tomorrow is not promised and today is all you have. In your mind, see your day exactly as you would like it to play out. Be clear. Write down your vision and speak it out loud.

3. Let go. Forgive yourself and others in your life for any unresolved situations holding you back. Most likely, some of the things that still make you angry happened years ago, and the person who hurt you has no idea that you are still being triggered by it. Forgive yourself for allowing what has happened to take one more moment of emotion in your life and MOVE ON. Life is way too short.

Forgive, release, and fill the new space with positive energy that attracts what you are giving out!

4. Be inquisitive and dig deep. Why were you supposed to go through this period of adversity? What did you learn from it? What will you do differently because of it? How can you create lasting memories and excitement for this season next year?

5. Be Thankful. Give thanks for the adversity and opportunities that pushed you to this phase of your life, taught you some big lessons, and for the relationships strengthened by them. Be grateful for the past holidays, good or not, that showed you what kind of holiday magic you want to experience. Be the person you wish to be, and the right people will follow. Love is blind, but warmth and understanding speak volumes.

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