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Lessons from grief

I had the opportunity to attend an event last week where the speaker, Amy Florian, spoke about how to help someone who is grieving. This was her story.

She was a newly married 25-year-old with a 7-month-old son when her husband was killed instantly in a car crash. She received the call and her life changed forever.

We all know these stories, and like the others, she experienced pain and grief that went on for years.

I had expected to leave the event wishing I had learned what to say or do years ago, but it was so much more than that. It was also about addressing the loss for the years following, and forever.

I’ve always wanted to make the grieving person feel comforted and that I care, yet I never understood how. The evening was enlightening.

The frustration and lack of any real comfort from loved ones not only made her want to hide away, but it eventually motivated her to study grief and the best ways to truly comfort those we love.

I learned that you may experience grief for a multitude of reasons not necessarily only when a loved one dies. Some examples would be:

-Loss of material such as a home burning down and losing all your belongings.

-Loss of function where you are no longer able to do the things you used to. -Relationship loss through divorce, or even becoming an empty nester. -Intra-psychic Loss is when you finally realize you will not achieve your life dreams. – When your role changes as when the caregiver becomes the care receiver.

It’s been 28 years for Amy, and she has since remarried and had more children, yet the feeling of grief still comes and goes.

She spoke for about an hour and a half, and she left us with what she felt is the most important thing you can learn from the reality of death.

She said, “Everything I have is going to disappear. When you know, it changes the way you live.”

Some of her advice:

-Forgive old resentments and wounds and reunite with those you would miss. -Say I love every time you hang up the phone or leave a loved one. -Live in the moment and appreciate the people who are here now. -Make the most of what you have today.

This event propelled me to deliver my workshop.

I am passionate about women stepping into their own power now.

While this workshop is not about overcoming grief, it is about living your best life now.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is 100% ready for you.

Are you ready to have that right now?

Then let’s do this.

STEP INTO YOU – an online workshop

This event is for you if you are ready to take back control of your life and your emotions.

-You’re ready to build Confidence and Clarity.

-You’re ready to step into your place of POWER and CERTAINTY.

-You’re ready to align yourself with your new goals and dreams.

I’m here to support you in stepping into your true self.


Wednesday, October 5th, 1:00 CMT

A recording will be sent if you cannot make it live. Register here: https: https://form.jotform.com/62690083914156