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Lasting change vs. instant gratification

It’s easy when you are uncomfortable with something in your life to look for the easy way out. Everyone has those moments when you just don’t feel like things are flowing.

Or those days when everyone around you starts getting on your nerves and you need to do something to change it. How many times have you wished your life was different or became angry hoping that someone else would just “get it” or change?

When you’re feeling stuck in your circumstances, and so you look for something that makes you feel better. We all know that one person who tries to build themselves up through significance or arrogance because they think if they make you feel small, they will feel better.

From spending days finding the perfect outfit, massively working out, crazy diets and more. The constant drive to spend money on things that you think will lift you up or help you fit in. Instant gratification comes in all forms of clothing, skincare, cars, dinners you name it.

Honestly, who hasn’t been guilty of this?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for improving yourself, and I love a good upgrade! I strongly agree that you should always be striving for self-improvement anyway you can.

However, if you are looking for lasting change, something that will make you feel great even if you wear the wrong outfit to that fancy dinner party, and will not fade by the first monthly payment, you need to work on yourself from an internal level.

You need to build your inner muscles that empower you to be who you really are. Nothing or no one can take away or compete with your true self.

A feeling from within that radiates where other people can feel that something has changed, but they just cannot put their finger on it.   This change only comes from within.

All that is needed is your mind and a desire to make the changes that are real. Everything in life is temporary, and you are exactly where you need to be right now.

Get started with a clear vision of what you want, and believe life flows as your mind sees it.

It’s always the simplest shifts that make the biggest difference. I would love to talk with you! Please schedule a totally free strategy session, here