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Ever feel that way?

When you’re holding everything in and feel like no one understands?

Too much on your plate? Doing too many things that you don’t want to do?

Feeling misunderstood or stuck with what you really want to accomplish, and maybe you’re not even sure what that is?

Feeling alone or that you need to set people right, but you don’t want to make waves?

People pleasing! It shows up in so many forms it can actually be hard to distinguish.

Doing something you don’t want to do once in a while is a compromise, and that can make for strong, lasting relationships.

Unless the compromise becomes the norm and then it becomes people pleasing. Selling yourself short to make sure everyone is happy and content regardless of the cost to you.

Trust me there is a cost, and if you keep going in this manner, you will IMPLODE.

Today, I imploded!

I had been holding back in too many areas, and I could no longer pay the price.

I was behind on everything I had started. Everything I had committed for myself was put last.

Frustrated, I checked into a hotel to get 2 days of uninterrupted time to get my own stuff done. To my non-entrepreneur friends, this may sound crazy, but when your mission is misunderstood you need to take a stand, clear your head, and get away from of everyone else’s expectations.

In the process of imploding, I pushed my husband to the brink, fought with my daughter among other things. It was never my intention to take it out on them.

It’s never them or anyone for that matter. It’s always about you!

You can’t change anyone else, but you can transition your internal state to a position of power rather than one of people pleasing.

When you do the work to stand in your own internal power, you push past the restraints holding you back.

Here’s the thing, while it may feel like an implosion, it’s really about growth and the internal transitioning to who you really are. That person you want to be on the inside.

It’s not a breakdown, but a power move to create your life to what works for you. The life that inspires and motivates you and thus those around you.

As soon as you realize it’s not them, it’s you.

You can stand up for yourself and what you want and stop the people pleasing!

It was the next step in my own empowerment and strength in claiming the life I want for myself.

These were words, not said out of anger but out of frustration for how I am showing up in my own life.

Imploding, transitioning, or moving to your next phase may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

I work with powerful women, leaders, and successful businesswomen often at the height of their careers, and those who are no longer there but still feel they are on the inside.

The power you need to take control and move forward builds on the inside.

Join me on Monday, the 7th of November at 1:00 CST for Shift Your Power Workshop!

This workshop is for you if you are:

You’re READY to take back control of your emotions and your life

You are ready to build CONFIDENCE and CLARITY

You’re ready to step into a place of POWER and CERTAINTY

You’re ready to align yourself with new goals and dreams

I’m here to support you in transitioning to your own power!

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