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How to walk away

If you burn down the house, don’t walk back in!

I have been fighting this old feeling, or low vibration, that I had long since overcome. I’ve been off, and I couldn’t place it. It’s always possible to move to a place that you feel good, and secure with who you are. So, this down cycle had me baffled. After I got off the phone with an old friend, it hit me.

I was back in the house.

I was back in the same old circumstances I had pushed through before. I was with people I hadn’t seen in years, and those old feelings triggered me. The thing is that when I figured it out and moved through the feeling of stuck, I felt this surge of energy come over me. I felt stronger and more aligned.

Years ago, I had fallen into a bad space. It’s hard to describe the numbness I felt. Maybe you’ve been there?

I went from young overachieving corporate career to stay at home mom, and a lot of circumstances happened along the way. Up until then, I was focused, motivated, and quickly climbing the corporate ladder. I never expected this would happen to me.

After years of stepping fully into my strength at work, once home, I felt lost and as though walking around outside of who I was. Far away from my zone of genius, overwhelmed, and grasping for answers.

Through it, I raised my children from gut and instinct from what I knew I wanted for them, so this part still worked. The downside was how alone I felt. Knowing what you put out is what comes back works both ways. I am very proud of my children, yet it’s hard thinking about my life during those years.

I found that to shift and get what you want; you need to create the space to bring it in. I was driven to find a way to feel whole again, so I started to let go and walk away from things, people, and circumstances that no longer fit the vision.

The clearer I got, the more I gave up, and the more I let go.

Once the momentum started, I couldn’t move fast enough, and it began to feel as though I burned down the house and walked away. Walked away from the people, expectations, and anything that held me back.

I felt lighter, happier, more focused, and excited for my life.

I learned the tools I needed to overcome obstacles and to follow my path, and so it felt confusing when some of these old feelings surfaced again.

The point is the tools you use to release the things in your life are not always a one and done. That doesn’t mean it didn’t work. It means it needs to be done until you feel focused, aligned and secure. No matter what it takes.

It’s a continual process of stepping into the person you know you are, refining the vision of what you want, and continuing the process of release, renewal, letting go and walking away.

It wasn’t the circumstances, no matter how outrageous, that held me unhappy and desperate for change, it was my reaction to them.

Lifting your vibe not only enhances your life, but it boosts everyone around you too.

When you step into the life that feels aligned for you, you share that power and glow with those you love as well.

I’m back on track, and with each step, I rise.

With each step you release, you forgive, you neutralize uncomfortable emotions, and you step into the person aligned with your dreams and visions. You’re grateful for each lesson that brings you to this place and expands your consciousness.

Step away, burn it down, Release and Rise.

I am so excited to share these tools with you.

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