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How to turn obstacles into opportunities

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

It was almost surreal that I suddenly felt stronger, more powerful than before the incident. It was a feeling of certainty of who I am and that I'm in control.

It was that twinge of insecurity, uncomfortable, and raw that I momentarily felt. Now it was gone, and I felt better than before.

I felt criticized for something important to me. It wasn't long ago where dealing with uncomfortable situations would have gotten the best of me, at least in the short term.

But something had shifted. Maybe it was a matter of perspective and how you look at things, or perhaps it was the profound mind shifts that I've experienced from this work.

I was triggered by what someone said, but rather than acting on it or talking negatively about the situation; I brought it inside. I journaled and sorted it out, and I decided that I no longer allow outside influences to change the way I feel.

Suddenly, things became calm, and I felt a surge of gratitude for the challenge.

It's about allowing yourself to feel the discomfort rather than masking it and looking at it with curiosity instead of responding.

It's the knowing that every trigger shows you something, whether good or bad and moves you to where you're supposed to be.

It's about knowing who you are and who you want to be and stepping into that space of clarity. It's the certainty that gives you the strength to push through, to make good choices, and to feel strong in any situation!

Either I could sit there feeling hurt or angry or try to move forward in a way that serves me.

How you respond to every situation is a choice. You can either contract inside your emotions or feel the feelings and get through it.

When you're feeling triggered by someone, and your emotions are building:

Journal and sort it out. Speak it out loud to the universe. Get clear on your vision.

Clarity is calming and gives you the strength to make it through the most challenging times. It directs you back to your path and keeps you sharp and balanced. It keeps you moving and unstuck.

You can shift it and turn obstacles into opportunities as if it was all in your favor the whole time.

Join me for seven days of turning obstacles into opportunities.

You'll receive a daily action to increase your ability to deal with our changing times, the holidays, or anything that comes your way.

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