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How to turn average into spectacular

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to spend 12 hours in the car with my 21-year-old daughter, Lana. She is moving to Denver, CO to start her first post-college job.

I had a lot of concerns about sitting for 12 plus hours through the journey, but as we drove along yesterday I realized that our day together was an incredible gift.

We talked, laughed, sang, ate, and took turns driving. Twelve hours of undivided time to share with my daughter before she moves on to this new phase. We talked about goals, fears, passions,

and lots of fun things in between.

Unexpectedly, the drive seemed easy and effortless. We arrived early in the evening and our discussions continued through dinner. We created a new mother-daughter bond that only happens through both openness to accept each other’s ideas and most importantly, mindfulness of the moment.

Being mindful of the moments in your life is what turns average days to spectacular memorable moments.

I am so very grateful for this time together because I know, as with everything in life, this too is a fleeting moment.

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