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How to Take Control

Early morning blogging with my new writing buddy.

Journaling is such a powerful tool. If I had only embraced it earlier before I let my life take control, and things get out of hand.

It's funny because a lot of what I've learned in the last couple of years is what I knew when I was younger, before the kids, the activities, the obligations, and expectations and before I waited until I had time

Had I known, I wouldn't have lost myself, or so it seems.Or maybe it would've been easier or quicker to get back on track or even to know what that track is.

Now I remember I've always had the power and that my mind is a powerful leader. You set the course, and you direct it as though it's already happened, and it will find a way to lead.

Life's short.

Don't leave it to chance.

Write it out.

Write about how you want to feel and what you will experience. Write it detailed and specific.

Do it with feeling, and let your heart make an emotional connection to your thoughts.

Write it as done, and let the words lead the way.

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