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How to step into the next level you

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

It’s incredible how life can feel when you finally decide to stay open to all the possibilities around you.

Today, I had lunch with a friend that I met in the past few years. While we’ve talked a lot, we finally had time to get together. It’s always that connection that makes such a huge difference!

Her story was much like my own, with, of course, some parts that were very different, yet the emotions felt the same.Hearing this helped me remember how far I’d come and how good it feels.

The connection is the thing! It motivates you while helping you to see the evidence of your progress. It’s a great feeling!I have a favorite saying that I replay in my mind, “every detour leads to something better,” and it’s so true!

Suddenly, you’re thinking about what you’ve been through, and you start to see that because of it, you’ve come to this place. It’s not easy, and it’s rarely fair, but it’s all part of the process to get you to the next thing!

The thing is some of those old memories still sting, and they trigger all those emotions; the anger, shame or guilt, that can stop you in your tracks and can push the whole day out of whack. It’s those same triggers that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. You’ve come way too far for that now!

Time is precious, and there’s so much waiting for you, but to fully experience all there is, you need to let go and neutralize those triggers. It’s possible, and it doesn’t make what happened right, it only releases the emotions from your body.

It’s a process of letting go and reclaiming time and energy all those triggers were taking up. It’s releasing what’s stuck and then shifting your vibrations to higher frequencies. It’s time to start honoring you and what you need! Time to release what no longer serves you and find what lights you up – mind, body & spirit.

It’s all possible, and the more you release the clearer your path becomes.

Join us for Release and Rise – 4 weeks to let go, get clear, and step into the life that’s waiting for you.

*Reframe and neutralize the memories that trigger you

*Let go of anger, shame, guilt, and fear

*Release the old beliefs that you’re not enough

*Raise your energy, raise your vibrations

*Step away from the expectations and get clear on what’s right for you

*Honor yourself through self-care, mentally, physically and spiritually

*Small intimate group setting

*Weekly calls and group support

Don’t wait! Make 2018 Your Year! Release and Rise

We start February 14th! Hope to see you there.

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