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How to stay open to learning

“The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know.” Albert Einstein

There’s always more to release, and see, and allow in. The cycle is never complete.

As long as you stay open, everyone can teach you something, and every day brings new experiences.

Sometimes the most significant shifts are the smallest ideas that you didn’t know before. Stay open that you are in the right place and the message becomes clear.

As I move forward, I continue to work with coaches and take courses because there’s always more to understand. It’s the never-ending cycle of clearing out the old, and stepping into the new.

It’s not that I feel incomplete or not ready, it’s that there’s always a higher path to reach. It’s a feeling within, a mixture of spirituality, clarity, and alignment that leads to your authenticity. It’s stepping into the real, most powerful you.

Writing out your thoughts releases you from things you’ve been holding on to. It’s the process of clearing white mental space and making room for new thoughts and ideas to come in.

It works in a perfect combination of writing and designing the life you want. As you learn more, you want more, and each day it becomes more natural to fine-tune your dream.

Release and let out the old, breathe in the new, fresh, and clear. The more you open, the more you align, and the cycle continues.

It’s a path of increasing consciousness and opening your mind to new thoughts and ideas whereas you’re never too old to feel more, want more, and be more. It’s a feeling of floating, ageless, as you step up and into the next phase you.

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