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How to show your strength

This morning, while in a SPIN class at a studio I had never been to, I figured it out. You can absolutely not be afraid to show your strengths.

The class provided comfortable music with an even beat that was set at medium volume. I would categorize the music as non-risky. It wasn’t anything that would spur me to kick it into full gear. Music, I can only suppose, played to please a wide audience.

The first half of the class I was agitated. While I was having an okay workout, the class was dull and uninspiring. The room was full; yet, as the faces of everyone else seemed to imply, we all felt the same way.

The instructor seemed nervous to go full force and show us what she was made of. She was nervous to inspire change because, in doing so, she may inadvertently leave someone behind.

Even her commands were very comfortable. She made sure that everyone knew they were not required to push themselves. “If you want to increase your level, go ahead, but don’t feel the need to if you’re okay where you’re at.” A sure fire way to guarantee no one would increase his or her fitness level throughout the class.

The instructor was fit and obviously knew what she was doing, but she was clearly uneasy to show her strength and ability to the class. While her style was inclusive to all levels, it failed to inspire anyone!

It failed to challenge you to push past your current fitness level. It failed to challenge you to build your strength and increase your endurance. It forfeited any drive to have an exceptional workout. It was all extremely mediocre.

Then, I remembered why I was here. The message was loud and clear.

To inspire change, you must not be comfortable. You need to be challenged.

Challenges inspire you to reach to that next phase. In order to achieve your best self, you need to be mindful of the opportunities that await you.

If I want to lead a movement and inspire change, then I need to go full out, be real, and show my strengths. It is a waste of my time, and yours, to worry who I may leave out. Comfortable is bland; uncomfortable is vibrant.

The thing is, I do feel strong. I have felt the shift and I am looking forward to so many awesome things in my life. But, if I don’t share my journey, if I don’t live full out, and if I keep it comfortable, then nothing will change.

I have pushed so far already. I have challenged myself to keep going, discover, to feel, love, and go all in! Whatever that entails, it continues to open my eyes to how many more possibilities are in store.

Aspiring to be your best self requires showing your greatest strengths.

Life is a journey. Live it vibrantly!

I work with powerful women, leaders, and successful businesswomen often at the height of their careers, and those who are no longer there but still feel they are on the inside.

If you feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself over the years, and that you’ve been taking care of everyone else but somewhere along the way forgot about you, and you want to feel empowered again, live full out, and love your life, I want to hear from you.

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“I didn’t come this far to only come this far” –Tom Brady