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How to Realize Your Dreams

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Saturday, was my anniversary, and it’s hard to believe I’ve been with someone for 27 years. I met my husband at 25, and who hasn’t been through massive changes since then?

We didn’t have anything planned for the weekend, and my husband was insistent on celebrating,

so he asked me for ideas. Sometime during the week, I told him I wanted to see Hamilton the musical. He had never heard of it, and he wouldn’t have known it was sold out for years.

In the morning, he surprised me with gorgeous flowers, and of course, tickets for Hamilton. The show was playing in Chicago which is about 2 hours away on a good day. The only tickets available were for the afternoon show, and we planned to stay the night.

Our unplanned trip forced me to scramble, making it even more critical for me to journal and set my intentions and thoughts for the day. I reminded myself to be mindful of our time together, and appreciate that he went out of his way to do this for me. Also, a good reminder even after 27 years, you can make the familiar fun, and exciting, and that my attitude and actions will set the tone for the day.

I have a great deal of fun with my husband, and I usually keep that to myself because you may not be in a good situation with your significant other, and I have often allowed that to deter me.

We’ve been through a lot of life, and a lot of shit together, and sometimes it’s tough to share this, but this is my story. The story of love, family, hurt, and messy, then back to incredible again.

This is not, however, saying that you should stay in a relationship that is not working or you’re not happy. Every situation is different, and this is just what happened to work for me. In this I am clear, if you’re not happy, figure out what you want and dedicate yourself to getting it.

So, as we were driving, and an old John Lennon song came on the radio. As silly as it sounds, I felt as though the music was speaking directly to me. The song was “Just Like Starting Over,” and every word felt true.

It was proof that when you’re in alignment, the universe brings you what you ask for. Therefore, it's essential to be clear on what you want.

Honestly, 27 years is a long time and a lot of ups and downs. I can’t say that strongly enough!

I had many of days that felt pretty dismal and wasn’t sure what I was going to do next. Then, you realize it ALL comes down to knowing what you want and having the determination to go after it. No matter how busy you are with all the things that take up your life!

You need to know your end goal and have the patience to stay open to the how you get there. Also, remembering that goals shifts as you shift.

So it’s vital to continue to check in with yourself every day through journaling or some meditation that gets you aligned with you!

Our trip turned into one of those fantastic, memorable weekends! Was it because of the plans we made and where we went, well some of it. Mostly, I would say that this new heightened relationship is directly due to my internal work in defining what I wanted and stepping up to me!

The universe has not failed me, even though, at times I thought it had. When I started stepping into who I am today, and what I want for my future, everyone around me began to shift as well. It was an incredible energy shift that continues to WOW me! This weekend was the evidence.

Hamilton was over the top! The story of a man determined to live his dream, and he defined his vision through writing. His writing became part of the Constitution of the US, the 200-year-old document, which we still fight for today.

Once again, aligned and awake, I felt all kinds of messages in the lyrics and story. Not to mention, documenting history through rap and dance is someone else’s proof of their power of alignment.

It was late afternoon and pouring like crazy when we left the theater. We ran under our umbrella to the first available bar, and rather than being upset that we were wet and cold, it felt young and fun to run in the rain.

We found ourselves in a little café with couches by a fire. Honestly, this is what happens when you allow the universe to lead. A few hours of drinks and laughing, we took an Uber to the restaurant for our 8:00 reservation.

During dinner, at a contemporary seafood restaurant, I was telling my husband some story about how lucky I feel and that things always work out for me. Coincidentally, also some of my daily mantras.

When we finally arrived at our hotel, we were blown away by the truth of that luck or the power of my words. However, you choose to look at it!

It was about 11:00 and the hotel were full of guests in town to run the Chicago marathon, so they upgraded our room to a suite.

It wasn't just any suite.

It was an extra-large room on the 37th floor, surrounded on three sides of windows overlooking downtown Chicago, and the view was spectacular!

The room, beautifully decorated, with among other things, a bar and kitchenette, a gorgeous couch with big pillows, big screens, and a beautiful table. We found the bedroom down a long hallway in the suite after passing a walk-in closet and dressing area.

The fabulous master bedroom overlooked another view on another side of the building. The master bathroom was magnificent. As we broke down laughing, my heart skipped a beat. You can’t dream this up.

There were no words that sufficiently describe the sun rising over the city, along with a perfect view of the marathoners and a city bustling with people.

I tell this story from my heart. Not to impress you, but to impress upon you what is possible when you decide to live by your vision and values.

✨Set the intention to fulfill your dreams whatever they may be, family, love, or career and don’t let anything stop you.

✨Remove the blocks to create the space for the universe to show you the way.

The memory of this weekend and feeling of alignment and love is proof that the universe has my back.

There was a time; I no longer wanted the pain of what the future would hold. I felt there was too much on the line for me to take time for me and I was miserable.

When I did, when I decided to honor myself and what I needed, my life changed dramatically. It was a decision. A decision to take deliberate action.

The shifts continue to come in waves, faster than I could imagine, and yet I know, this is only a beginning, and this is what I want for you!

I want you to know that there’s always a way. No matter where you've been, it's possible to step into a new vision for you!

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