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How to Reach your Goals

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

When you feel as though you don’t belong, it’s ok.

You no longer belong in what’s comfortable, and you stand in a place that demands moving one way or the other.

It makes sense.

The only way to reach your goals is to move on from comfortable.

It may feel scary or unsure, but you’re not alone.

Everyone is changing and evolving at different times and directions, and what sets you apart is which way you choose.

My goal is freedom.

Freedom to act and be who you are from the core without reserve. Without appeasing others to make it easier, or without minimizing yourself with the expectations of others.

Moving to freedom requires facing the uncomfortable, and understanding that the discomfort is your sign that its time.

It’s time to reassess and make a change.

Freedom starts by giving yourself time to listen within, releasing what you no longer value, and setting new intentions!

Freedom is standing in your power in a way you weren’t able to before.

It’s about instilling in you the energy and faith that you are ready to stand authentically in your life.

The incredible thing that happens when facing the uncomfortable is that everyone feels the shift.

When you stand up for you, everyone around you rises, but you have to face it to move toward it.

It’s not OK to adjust to fit or run backward for cover.

You need to rip off the safety belt, and allow the fear to subside knowing with full self-acceptance that you’re moving to a stronger, happier, more aligned you!

Uncomfortable is good!

Staying put because you don’t want to cause disruption is when you start to minimize yourself.

Once you allow that one more time, it easier to follow the path of least resistance.

It’s time to break through.

Wherever you are, and whatever you’ve been through, there’s always more. There’s more space to open. More dreams, more love, more money.

To get there, you need to let go of the comfortable.

You need to release the things that hold you back.

The stories you tell yourself, the circumstances that happened, and all the ways you’ve held back from your desired life.

It’s time to move to strength, resiliency, and clarity for your future, for your family, for your life.

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