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How to increase your energy

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

It has nothing to do with the way you look! It has everything to do with how you want to feel and thus experience your life! All of your life!

Time after time, I hear women express opinions about real or unrealistic body images as we age. Here’s the simple truth from someone halfway there!!

You are 100% responsible for taking care of yourself at every age. Getting older is not an excuse to stop exercising; it should be the reason as to why you do!

I have been a strong advocate of fitness since my early 20’s. Even back then, I remember how much clearer my mind was on the days that I would workout or at least break a sweat. Not only did my body feel stronger, but the added mental focus and motivation was the driving force behind it.

As I got older and into a corporate career, it was evident that on the days I worked out I was more productive and outgoing! Since my focus was selling, daily exercise became a necessity and just a part of my morning routine.

Then, I got married and had two daughters, and daily exercise was vital in allowing me to stay alert and present in my super busy life. If I missed a day, I would feel listless and tired.

Nowadays, if I don’t work out, my legs feel achy and stiff.

Last summer, I went to an outside music festival with a friend the same age as me. As we walked up and down the park listening to the various bands, she got angry because she didn’t want to walk anymore. She was too tired.

I was shocked! That’s why we came here to hear the bands. I couldn’t help thinking that walking is just a regular activity for life?

The differences in our energy levels were astounding. At this stage in the game, it’s not about looks. It’s all about the energy and thus how you experience everyday life!

Life goes by very fast and from what I can see, the older you get, the more you’ll want to experience, and therefore you need high energy to be able to do whatever you want!

A fit body reframes everything you thought you knew about getting older! It changes the game from slowing down to heightening every experience along the way!

It’s never too late to get started, and it’s easier than you think! It’s always the simplest shifts that make the most significant impact.

Please join me for my upcoming challenge, Simple shifts in 5 minutes a day starting Monday, February 22nd.