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How to find beauty in the moment

Today, I attended a funeral of a young 62 women. It was my cousin’s girlfriend of 12 years.

They were both divorced busy professionals who had found companionship with one another. They enjoyed cooking, traveling and they had a large group of friends.

He’s a grandfather with two grown children, and she had cats. What stood out to me is the good fortune they had to find one another.

My cousin had a read a story of how they met online. He was looking to share his life with someone who had similar interests. His response to her ad also said that he wanted someone to share in his accomplishments and he in hers.

His writing was precise, and she answered his particular call. With his eyes filled with tears, he shared stories of their life together.

When possible, they traveled together for their respective businesses. She was always excited to explore whatever city they were in, and if he were in a meeting, she enjoyed doing it alone. She found happiness in being alone and seeing the little nuances of each town. He loved her independence and how she stood on her own.

It was the story of two people who allowed each other to stand fully in their power and because of that, they experienced an incredible love.

With his x-wife and his children by his side, he told of the light she had brought to his life. A funeral is not the place you would expect to find beauty, but it was there today.

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