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How to define your compass

How to Adjust Your Compass and Love the Moment

If I feel apprehension or concern and I’m not sure how to move through it, I write. I ask myself the question, what do I need right now? What’s on my mind, and what do I need to get past it?

It’s the ability to break through and release the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back and keeping you small. It’s a way of letting go of what’s inside you so you can create some white mental space that allows new thoughts and ideas to flow. It’s empowering to release the old and make room for the new.

You can call your BFF and vent or let out everything that’s going on in your life to someone else in hopes of finding the answers. It’s like eating cake, it gives you instant gratification, but you may not always love the results. Unless you take the time to go within and figure it out yourself, the real answers will elude you.

It’s finding what you stand for from your core and it takes work. It has nothing to do with your personality or whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. It’s about figuring out your thoughts and desires from a place inside that are only reachable after you remove all the layers that cover it.

You can vent and get it all out to someone else, but they can never fully understand what your feeling or what you need to do. NO matter how well they know you, it won’t come from a place of your experiences.

If you want to adjust your compass correctly, then you need to do the work for yourself.

There was a time when I needed to bridge the gap between how I was living and who I was inside. It was an uncomfortable period, but the discomfort forces you to find a way.

I put myself last on the list by taking care of everyone around me, and it forced me to minimize what was important to me. I appeased and allowed things to happen because I lost the voice needed to oppose it.

It was the drip drip drip of getting it all done and thinking someday I ‘d have time for me. The problem with this method is that with every minimization you retreat farther and farther away from yourself, and you allow the thoughts and feelings of others to direct you.

It’s possible to reach your full potential only when you let go and allow the real you to emerge, and you can finally take charge of the voice inside your head. Only you define you and decide what matters and what is just noise.

Looking inside builds your power, and in that energy, where real change is found, love is felt, and life transforms from going through the motions to living in the moment.

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