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How to create time & space for others

When my kids were young or teenagers, I learned that it was when they were at their worst and hard to be around, that they needed you the most.

It didn’t matter what happened or why. The important thing was that you “stayed in the room” or created the space for them to feel comfortable to share what was on their mind. They wanted someone to listen without judgment or even immediate answers. The idea of listening to support, and asking unassuming questions that may lighten the mood helped them to find their own solutions rather than mine.

I found it the same with aging parents whose needs have changed. When they become difficult to be around, and their moods become aggressive, it’s also when they need you the most. It’s when they need someone to stay in the room and listen without judgment or even immediate answers. It’s asking unassuming questions that open up conversations allowing them to shift their consciousness and find their own solutions.

It doesn’t matter the age or circumstance, family or client. It’s a longing to be seen and heard at a time when all feels lost. It’s creating time and space and allowing them to come to their own decision from a place of internal guidance rather than giving them the answer. It is here where change occurs.

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