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How to celebrate your birthday every day

Yesterday was my birthday, and this year will be marked as one of my favorite birthdays ever.

While my first choice is always to spend my birthday with my family, this is not the main reason this has been my favorite. My enjoyment is not from where I am and whom I am with physically, but rather from how I feel about me and where I am in my life.

I spent a lot of time wondering if I would ever feel like me again.

I would wonder if I would ever be fully engaged in doing what I loved. Would I feel confident or driven in a career I enjoyed? Would I be excited to meet new people and do new things like when I was younger?

To the outside world, I had it all. I have a beautiful home, food on the table and a loving family. But, I wasn’t happy. I’d lost my way, and I needed to find my way back.

So this year, I’m celebrating me!

I’m celebrating my birthday week by letting you know everything you believe is possible.

It has nothing to do with anything except for the way I choose to believe in myself, and the power of the universe. The power of believing what is possible, going after my dreams, and stepping into the life that I once thought wasn’t an option for someone like me.

Age is just a number. I laugh at that now. The more inner work I do, the better and younger I feel. The more inner work I do, the less I pretend with other people, and the more I align with what I want in this life.

Start with doing the inner work. Shift your beliefs and align with a bigger purpose than you thought possible. It’s all there waiting for you.

Where you are today is an illusion. That voice in your head is playing tricks on you and saying you can’t, but it’s not true. The shifts will be easier than you imagined.

My birthday message for you is to stay open to the belief that there is more.

Write out what you want for your life and fine-tune it every day.

If something triggers you, ask yourself at the moment, why? What is making you feel this way? Keep asking yourself this until you uncover what’s holding you back?

Take 100% responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and emotions.

Set an intention to take time for you every day. Put yourself first and allow yourself to be the person you believe you can be.

Do whatever it takes and do not settle for less.

Lastly, celebrate every day like it’s your birthday!

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