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How to be Selfless

To be truly selfless and give the most of yourself, you need to give when you are at the best of yourself.

Women are seen as selfless when they put themselves aside for their families, careers, or causes.

Although when you become selfless and minimize what you need for others, you lose your effectiveness. You alter the impact you were trying to make.

It's when it becomes more than you imagined, and there isn't time to get it all in. Suddenly, something needs to change somewhere, so you put yourself last on the list and cut corners.

The essence of who you are and what you want begins to take a back seat. Suddenly, you're no longer as comfortable with yourself, so you start to force what was so natural before.

Your passion for whatever the cause is inspiring, but it comes at a cost.

The thing is, to be at your best, you need to be the real, authentic you. The power is in the person who grew from this journey, rather than any depleted version.

Your inner-self and outer actions should work inflow, and with a few shifts, you can re-align into the person you are now. Here, you can serve your passions from your true self vs. selflessly serving you.

It's a shift from doing it all to giving your best. At your best, everyone wins.

If you feel like you've lost a part of yourself over the years and that you've been taking care of everyone else but somewhere along the way forgot about you, I want to hear from you. PM me, and let's talk.

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