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Forgive Fast

I honestly can't remember how I used to feel when my mind was full of all the things I thought nobody would understand. All those stories of who said what or did me wrong. Some memories made me want to cut people out of my life, but that didn't make me feel good either.

When you hold it all in, the same feelings come up again and again, triggering the same emotions. It takes a lot of time and energy to deal with the resentment or self-doubt as it wells up in you. There's always a lot to learn from our uncomfortable situations. They're not supposed to shut you down but guide you. By reframing how you look at the past, you can heal all those memories that trigger you. It doesn't make what happened right; it just releases you from the energy holding you back. It's an amazing feeling to step away and let it go.

If you're still thinking about old stuff that happened years ago or believe that you're the only one who's evolved and everyone else still feels the same, I'm talking to you.

You can let go of the past and renew relationships that were once closed to you, and the best part is it all happens within you. By reframing memories and letting go of the things that trigger you, you become strong and resilient. Let the pain be your guideposts, not a self-imposed brick wall. Life is too short to feel the anger of years gone by. Reframe your thoughts and forgive quickly, and never miss another day.

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