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Famous last words

When I say what I do, women often get very quiet. They either are, or know someone who completely fits the description of the woman I work with.

I run into women who feel this way everywhere I go, and see them hiding in the Facebook groups I frequent. I can easily recognize them because I was that exact person a few years back.

Women who feel they have lost their confidence, and feel brought down by life and circumstances.   Where you feel angry and alone, and can feel your confidence and personality slipping away.

When you have lots of personal and professional responsibilities that are so important, it’s hard for you to take time away and work on your own needs. Your feeling unfulfilled in your job, and know from a deep level that you are capable of so much more, but you aren’t sure how or what do to.

You are ready to move forward and reclaim your power but you feel stuck in judgment and circumstances, and your scared of what the future holds if things don’t change.

I so get this because I was that exact person.

I made it through, and because of that I want to scream to the world that it is possible! It’s possible to feel great! Feel like you are alive and excited for your own future, and not just that of your families.

You can get clear, and understand specifically what you want and how to get it. It’s possible to move forward at any age, any education level, or any background, as long as you’re willing to do the work.

In my mind, I have moved mountains to get to this phase in my life. It made me realize that I had to go through this so I could understand.

Now, when I hear people around me talking about things that they feel are important, I cringe. I feel light years away from fake or judgment, or the act of putting value on things that don’t matter. It feels good. It feels free.

You are too important for the famous last words. Do not wait another minute, and don’t wish you had taken action sooner. You are too important to not be a full and active participant in your own life.

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