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Change your pattern and create a new story

I have been writing a personal account of my life for my use only. I wasn’t exactly sure of why I had been doing this, but in doing so, I found some very distinct patterns that have repeated themselves over the years.

I was the one in my family who took care of everything, and the one they look to deal with stressful situations when no one else will. Yes, this includes some people pleasing, but also some things no one else would do and needed to be done.

On the other hand, I had also come across areas of great success when I was able to move past the incessant doing. This exercise has opened up my thoughts to many things that I did not expect. It has become a time of forgiveness for me, and others that I allowed myself to feel hurt by. I found that letting go of the past is the sure path to empowerment and presence of the moment.

Seeing success has also been a part of my pattern, assures me that I can repeat this as well. As I try to step up and stop sabotaging my efforts of being the one, it has been encouraging to understand that I have pushed through before. This exercise has opened my eyes to my ability to trust in myself more. I can easily see the pattern of confidence and trust that I was doing the right things in times of success, and a similar pattern of insecurity when I allowed myself to be swayed by others.

Understanding some of my own patterns has empowered me in a way that I did not expect. When doing what is right for me rather than what I feel others expect from me, my level of trust increases. This is where the power to create, and serve others begins.

Writing my old story and understanding the past, has shown me how easy it is to create a new story for the future. With clarity and presence, your future can be deliberately designed exactly how you dream it.

It is often the simplest shifts that allow you to see your life in a new light.  I would love to talk with you. Please schedule your free discovery call here.

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