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Be the main participant in your life

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Be a wholehearted participant in your own life. Make time to push through the little misunderstandings that take you away from what really matters.

Does this ever happen to you? Friends or family, filled with positive thoughts, talking about your life or business or even how you go about your day and in a manner as though you would totally agree?

Did they get it right? Did you walk away feeling as good as they wanted you too, or did you find yourself thinking, where did that come from?

This happened to me as I had a house full of well-meaning guests. While trying to be more gracious than irritated, I find it leaves you with two choices.

The first is to tell your story with that small change they may or may not understand. This pretty much throws out the graciousness with no guarantee of the results you were looking for.

The second is to leave it alone, and decide it doesn’t matter what they think and hope that your character or personal interaction with them will somehow correct the misunderstanding at a later date. Knowing, however, that later may never come.

Both scenarios pretty much leave you irritated, and this is when the anger can start to build. These are the little incidences that begin to break down relationships that mean the most to you. Those small underlying currents of misunderstandings that if left unchecked turn into much bigger misconceptions.

They are often with the people you love the most, and because of your feelings for them, you find a way to bury it deep down. Rather than enjoying the experience of these infrequent visits, you silently simmer while the moment passes.

Don’t let the moments of your life pass without your enjoyment and or your wholehearted participation. You are too important not to be a full participant in your own life. These are the moments that memories are made and relationships are built.

*It’s possible to turn it around.

*Stand into your power and positively express yourself.

*Build relationships on your own terms

*Go with the flow and stop taking it personally.

*Take 100% control of your emotions.

*Look forward and enjoy life moments.

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