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At any given moment

I know what you are thinking.

You think that I could never understand what you’ve been through. If I did, I wouldn’t think it’s that easy to get over, to get through, and to just move on.

So much has happened that you aren’t even sure what you want, much less how to get it. The things that happened were entirely out of your control, and there’s not much you can do about it, right?

It’s heavy, and it’s holding you back and keeping you from living the life that you know you were meant to.

I get it. You’re not as confident as you once were and taking that first step is scary, but I know you can do it. You’ll do it because you have to do it.

Reach out. You’re not alone!

You’ll to do it for you because you know from a deep level that there’s more. That you are capable of feeling and doing so much more than you have let on.

You’ve been playing small because it’s easier. It’s easier to comply than to speak up or make a fuss. It’s easier to just go along with it, and it really doesn’t matter anyway, right?

It’s more comfortable to sit in the back and let the others take the front row. It isn’t really what you want, but it’s ok.

You’ll settle for keeping the peace and keeping it smooth. It hurts to go against what has become commonplace, so you’ll take your place. Not really what you wanted, but it’s ok.

Enough! There’s more! You know there’s more!

You feel that kinetic energy building telling that you need more. You know that it’s about you making the decision to have more and feel more. It’s life, and it moves quickly, and you know you can handle it.

It’s time to make a change. Time to get clear and get going.

Just decide!

Take it back. It’s your life.

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