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Act with the End in Mind

Act with the end in mind!

Yesterday I was in a situation with a family member, and family is the one thing that always triggers me the most. My end goal is keeping my family not only together, but communicating and actively supporting one another.

The thing is just because I don’t always see eye to eye with them doesn’t mean I don’t love them and wouldn’t be there for them.

So, after some heated discussion on a hot issue, we decided just to let it be for awhile. In the past or my younger days, I would have jumped down the throats of those who didn't agree with me.

AAARGH! That’s so embarrassing to admit, but true.

Now I see much more of the picture, and I am not only willing to look at their sides, but I honestly want to listen and understand it, too! I don’t want to go long periods of time without talking to or seeing someone because of a misunderstanding. I want us to stay on the same page, communicate and work it out.

By acting with my end goal in mind, I'm much more empathetic and open to what they were trying to tell me. I even felt compassion in trying to understand how the other one felt hurt.

The combination of empathy and compassion equals connection.

The thing is, when you're aligned with who you are, compassion and empathy flow. Standing your ground, yet being open to others is easier when you're secure with yourself.

You know it's always about the people. Life is short, and the connection matters.

Today, It feels like the pendulum had swung, and relationships that seemed too hard in the past may have shifted. Even if just the tiniest bit, the door has opened.

The hardest, most difficult relationships can shift, and sometimes mountains will move when you act with the end goal in mind. 💫

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