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A why that's worth it

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

There is nothing like the feeling of having both of my girls home and just hanging out! Here, lying on the bed, they are taking a series of silly pictures. These are my most favorite times. They are also the reason my life took a new direction.

While you may not have had the same experiences, I suspect you've felt the same emotions.

Without a doubt, raising my girls and watching them grow into the people they are has been the most amazing thing of my life and the most difficult.

Throughout the years, our relationships have changed dramatically. One reason is because they were growing and maturing, and the other part is because of how I felt about myself.

Whatever the season, they are my big why. I want so many things for them, and I always want to be a big part of their lives. We'd always been close, and as they got older and I was giving everything I had to them and the people around me. The thing is, constant people-pleasing changed the way I felt about myself. I wasn't as confident or outgoing, and what I had been involved with before suddenly became uncomfortable, so I started staying back and saying no.

Then it happened. Their lives started to go on without me. I dreamed of feeling close to them, and especially when they have their own families someday. We're not there yet, but I could see the pattern wasn't getting any better.

They used to include me or want to hang out with me, and that started changing. They were both college age, and when they were home, I wanted to be with them. I even started asking them to include me, but it never felt like it used to, and I couldn't stand it!

I found myself trying to be something or someone that used to come naturally, as though I was trying to be the person they wanted me to be rather than who I was.

I had to find a way to bring the real me back and figure out what that looked like now, and everything that mattered to me hinged on figuring this out.

So what do you do?

You take a step back and decide that building your strength, and being true to yourself is essential.

You start with the belief that it's possible and commit to doing the work to get there.

Then you decide what's important and why, and what your future should look like.

You start where you are and build your vision, and each day it will feel more clear.

It may not happen overnight, but things will change quicker than you imagine. Trying to be what you believe everyone wants rather than being who you are is a losing proposition. Stepping into who you are from a core level and trusting that you're enough as is shifts relationships.

When you stand in your power, you build your confidence, and the table turns. Whether you're raising kids or building a business, the real power lies in you.

Start today and start now.

When I started working on myself and valuing what I wanted in life, I began to feel the shift. With that first shift, the momentum started to grow, and I kept doing the work.

Suddenly, my daughters were calling more and asking if I could make time for them, and that wasn't all. My relationships on every level were changing and getting stronger. My life started to open back up, and I became an active participant again. I found new experiences and met new people, and even started my own business.

My whole life shifted to a space where I felt loved and nurtured and excited about the future.

Today, I am a better role model, mom, and leader, and it was worth every moment of heartbreak to get here. Now, I'm looking forward to my future as well as theirs.

These are three things I started to do daily:

  1. I believed it was possible, and I wrote down the possibilities as though they already happened.

  2. I made a daily intention and claimed it as done in my journal.

  3. I discovered my true why and decided I couldn't live without it.

If you're at the place where you need a change, let's talk. Please schedule a free call to help you feel clear, powerful, and ready to move forward. Schedule that here.

This is for you if you feel that circumstances in your life have gotten in the way of allowing you to move forward. This is for you've felt hurt, blindsided by life, and you know from a deep level that there is so much more. This is for you to help you overcome what is challenging you and get you aligned with the life you should be living.

Reserve your space here.

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